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HD Lawn Care Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair for all your landscape irrigation Roseville CA

Searching for a "Landscape Sprinkler System Repair Service Near Me" in Roseville California, You've come to the right place.



My name is Heath Phillips

We have been in the landscape business for 10+ years. We have worked on a ton of sprinkler systems, Sprinkler valves, Sprinkler timers, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler heads. We have done a lot of sprinkler system repairs and installs. We provide quality work and guarantee the work we do. Contact Us for a free sprinkler system repair Quote. 

About Us

HD Lawn Care Sprinkler Repair provides service for all your Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation needs Roseville CA. Have a sprinkler valve repair or a sprinkler head repair need, we can help. Sprinkler Pipe broken in the ground, sprinkler pipe leaking, sprinkler head broken, we can fix it. With 10 years experience, Sprinkler leaking , Sprinkler valve leaking , Sprinkler nozzle replacement, water leaking from sprinkler heads we can service and repair your sprinkler system. We also provide sprinkler valve install, sprinkler install, sprinkler timer install. We're a knowledgeable sprinkler system repair service company serving Roseville CA, we'll fix your landscape irrigation system. Sprinkler system install and Sprinkler repair , is our specialty, we can help automate your landscape irrigation system needs. If you need Sprinkler Repair service we can help. We also use a sprinkler wire locator to find your existing sprinkler valve wires, we also use a sprinkler valve locator to find missing valves. We also install drip systems and repair them. Water leaking from sprinklers heads and sprinkler valves, drip line broken, We can Help.

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Sprinkler system repair is one of the most important repairs that homeowners face. Its part of your water management system for your home. The home has an older sprinkler system, and it doesn't work as intended. 
Homeowners may not know where to begin when they need to have their sprinkler system repaired.
In order to help homeowners with this, at HD Lawn Care Sprinkler Repair we provide a free sprinkler system repair estimate in Roseville California.

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Get the service done quickly and efficiently by the experts. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide. We are dedicated, we invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any sprinkler repair service or special concerns our clients may have.



Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

"Sprinkler Repair Near Me" - We're in Roseville California.

You're searching- "Why Sprinkler system won't turn off?"("Sprinkler continues to run.") Well there can be several reasons the sprinkler system won't turn off, first check the sprinkler system timer/controller, next check the sprinkler valves, a sprinkler valve may have become stuck open, or the solenoid has arced and shorted the circuit. Once you determine, "Why Sprinkler system won't shut off"("Sprinkler continues to run."), locate the sprinkler system shut off valve, its usually located near the sprinkler valve manifold, or where the main shut off on the house is. If a shut off valve for the sprinkler system cannot be located, shut off the main shut off valve to the home. We highly recommend you install a sprinkler system shut off valve to your sprinkler system, so you're not stuck shutting off the main to the house. Next shut off valve to use if you cannot locate the house shut off or the sprinkler system shut is, is the main shut off valve, located near the street, this is the shut off valve that the county or city would use to shut the water off to the house. If you cannot locate this main shut off valve, contact your county water district and they can help you located it. You'll need a special tool to reach down in the main shut off housing box, if you do not have the tool then make sure to have a wrench on hand that can be used to grip the shut off nub. 

Hire a pro, if all of this is just to much for you to handle yourself.

CONTACT US!!!!!!!!!

Sprinkler repair service we offer in
Roseville CA:

Landscape Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler Repair | Sprinkler Valve Repair | Sprinkler Install | Sprinkler Valve Install | Sprinkler Timer / Controller Install | Sprinkler System Diagnostic | Drip Line Install and Repair | Drip Line Emitter | Sprinkler Pressure Regulator Install / Repair | Sprinkler Timer Repair / Replace | Install | Sprinkler Timer / Controller Install Wireless WIFI Phone application | Sprinkler PVC Pipe Repair | Sprinkler System Install and Repair

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