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HD Lawn Care Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler System Repair for all your landscape irrigation Fair Oaks CA

Searching for a "Landscape Sprinkler System Repair Service Near Me" in Fair Oaks California, You've come to the right place.



My name is Heath Phillips

We have been in the landscape business for 10+ years. We have worked on a ton of sprinkler systems, Sprinkler valves, Sprinkler timers, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler heads. We have done a lot of sprinkler system repairs and installs. We provide quality work and guarantee the work we do. Contact Us for a free sprinkler system repair Quote. 

About Us

HD Lawn Care Sprinkler Repair provides service for all your Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation needs in Fair Oaks California. If you have a sprinkler valve repair or a sprinkler head repair that needs, we can help. Sprinkler pipe broken in the ground, sprinkler pipe leaking, sprinkler head not working, we can fix it. We have 10 years experience fixing landscape sprinkler irrigation systems, a sprinkler leaking , a sprinkler valve leaking or runs continuously, we can provide immediate service to fix your broken sprinkler system. We can also provide service for, sprinkler nozzle replacement, water leaking from sprinkler heads, landscape irrigation controller, we can service and repair whatever is needed for your sprinkler system. We're a knowledgeable sprinkler system repair service company serving Fair Oaks California, we'll fix your landscape irrigation system. Landscape sprinkler irrigation, is our specialty, we can help automate your landscape sprinkler irrigation system needs. If you need landscape irrigation system repair service we can help. We also use a sprinkler wire locator to find your existing sprinkler valve wires, we also use a sprinkler valve locator to find missing valves. We also install drip systems and repair them. Water leaking from sprinklers heads and sprinkler valves, drip line broken, We can Help.

Importance of landscape irrigation in Fair Oaks CA

Landscape irrigation is the application of water to landscape. It keep gardens thriving, it requires management of irrigation application. The following tips will help in keeping a health looking landscape appearance. 

Studies show that plants utilize root zone water efficiently during morning hours, watering early in the day, the roots love it. Water applied during the heat of the day much is lost to evaporation. Watering during evening or nighttime hours are acceptable, but plants are susceptible to fungus diseases, so irrigation application needs to be  controlled so over watering does not created fungus diseases in your landscape root zones. 

Water as deeply and as infrequently as possible. Watering deep and infrequent encourages  plants to develop a deep root system, which in turn increases drought tolerance, since the soil dries from the surface down to the root bottom. Frequently irrigating in short cycles encourages a shallow root system growth which will suffer from every gap in irrigation application.

Duration of watering time depends on the soil—and the vegetation growing In an “average” loam, one inch of irrigation will penetrate roughly a foot. Sandy soil, penetration will be deeper, in a clay soil, not as deep, proper drainage in the growing median is highly recommended.


Established shrubs in the loam, deep irrigation once per week should be adequate application during the growing season. Clay soils hold water longer, Take care not to over water, it will exclude necessary oxygen from the soil medium.

Plants have different water needs. Some plants will thrive in a soil that retains water, but many other plants require a thorough drying between watering cycles, if at all possible, group plants of similar water needs together.


Lawns, there is no substitute for overhead irrigation application. Shrub beds, vegetable and herb gardens and fruit trees, drip irrigation is  superior—the plants receive a slow, metered irrigation application, which is not as susceptible to losses from evaporation and overspray. 


Because the water application is regulated on the ground, waist of water is minimal. You position emitters to focus water where the plants need it, you control application by regulating the time the irrigation system runs and emitters’ delivery capacity (rated -gallons per hour). 


Besides water conservation, the prime advantage of drip systems is flexibility. You can customize the system to water individual plants by providing each with its own emitter(s), or you can distribute water over larger areas using micro sprayers. A standard layout might include hookups to 2 or more sprinkler irrigation valves and various parts. Because irrigation drip lines are above ground (they’re easily concealed with mulch) and made of flexible materials, changing and repairing the system is easy, just add or remove lines and emitters as needed to customize system needs and stability. 

Water savings from drip irrigation systems can easily be 50 percent or more versus traditional sprinkler systems. 

Keep in mind that sprinklers and drip emitters apply water at different delivery methods (measured in gallons per minute and gallons per hour).


It’s best to put sprinklers and drip emitters on different landscape irrigation valves to ensure pressure stability in the irrigation system. Also, a drip system requires a pressure regulator to limit pressure to the system and a filter to insure the emitter openings do not clog.

Sprinkler repair service we offer
Fair Oaks CA:

Landscape Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler Repair | Sprinkler Valve Repair | Sprinkler Install | Sprinkler Valve Install | Sprinkler Timer / Controller Install | Sprinkler System Diagnostic | Drip Line Install and Repair | Drip Line Emitter | Sprinkler Pressure Regulator Install / Repair | Sprinkler Timer Repair / Replace | Install | Sprinkler Timer / Controller Install Wireless WIFI Phone application | Sprinkler PVC Pipe Repair | Sprinkler System Install and Repair

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